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July 1st

Great fishing today me and my buddy Jr had a blast catching red drum from 30-51 inches with several citations  thanks jr!!  Read More →

June 30th

Excellent day we live baited some jacks this morning then came in and caught some red drum this afternoon thank yall very much I had a blast!!!  Read More →

June 29th

Good day in the sound we started off catching a few gray trout and bluefish then we switched it up a little bit this afternoon and caught 2 cobias and 1 keeper flounder thanks guys!!  Read More →

June 26th

Excellent cobia fishing this afternoon!  Read More →

June 24th

Excellent cobia fishing again today this morning and this afternoon I have open days next week give me call to get in on the action 252 216 8576  Read More →

June 23rd

Very thankful to still be catching a few cobia!!  Read More →

June 22nd

It was a very hot day on the water with water temperatures at 86 degrees but we made the most out of it. We caught 1 cobia this morning then went and caught some ajs on the wrecks thanks guys!!  Read More →

June 20th

Good fishing today we decided to head off the beach a little ways and live bait some jacks we had a great time catching them we also got lucky and pulled a dolphin of there as well.   We also saw 3 cobia but could only get one to bite great day thanks... (more...)

June 19th

It was a bit breezy last night but we still had a great night gigging flounders and sheephead I think we ended up with 9 flounders and 2 sheephead thanks Mr rob and family!!  Read More →

June 18th

Had a great day on the water we started out live baiting for amberjack we caught several then we decided to try them on our trout rods and caught them on our light tackle  as well. This afternoon we came inside and caught 6 Drum that were all to big... (more...)

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