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May 31st

Good day on the water, this morning we caught a 30# cobia and a couple of flounder then lindsey and I went out this afternoon and found a couple schools of red drum drum all and all a great day!!  Read More →

June 1st

Excellent afternoon catching the big boys on 10# tackle thanks Mr Ron and crew!  Read More →

June 2nd

Thanks to my crew today we had a awesome day on the water we caught a 35# cobia this morning and then went looking for the drum and found multiple schools of puppy drum (25-30″) as well as the¬† big drum (40-50″) we ended up catching 6 citation... (more...)

June 3rd

Had a great afternoon of fishing¬† we went outside and caught some Spanish first then came inside the inlet and landed this 67# stud thanks guys!!  Read More →

June 5th

We had a excellent day on the water!!! This morning we caught a 25# Cobia, then this afternoon the fishing really picked up we caught 7 cobia two of them were undersized but we came home with 5 the biggest one was 40# all and all a awesome day thanks... (more...)

June 10th

We had to work hard for this cobia today but our patience did pay off and we caught one for these gentleman!!  Read More →

June 11th

Did a little different kind of fishing today we had some guys who wanted to do some bow fishing! It was very fun we had lots of action all day. Although i didnt do very good on taken pictures today we shot a ton of rays and they also got some spade fish... (more...)

June 17th

Great day of fishing we started out catching a few Spanish then went looking for some drum and we found the big ones and the slot size drum. We also got lucky and caught a 42 pound cobia thanks guys!  Read More →

June 16th 2015

Good drum fishing this morning most were to big to keep but we managed to get 3 that were in the slot thanks Mr bob and crew!  Read More →

Boat Pics

I didn’t have any good pictures of the boat since we added the tower this past winter but I’m very pleased with how it came out!!    Read More →

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